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Certificate in Career Readiness & Professional Development

Program Introduction

The ongoing covid-19 pandemic and the political turmoil in Myanmar have severely impacted millions of lives in Myanmar. During these two crises, nearly 80% of 800,000 college students have lost two entire academic years, and more than 15% of the 22 million workforce have lost their jobs. Moreover, inflation has also increased by 70% within a year. College students and fresh graduates are amongst the most affected groups because of the postponement of their studies and the uncertainty of their job market. From 2020 to 2022, Myanmar has lost over 1.6 million college graduates within two years and has seen a shortage of labor for entry-level positions. 

To tackle such an urgent and important issue, we aim to equip Myanmar’s college students and fresh graduates with career competencies for a 21st-century workplace and provide them with employment opportunities. We strongly believe that preparing them for their careers through innovative and comprehensive career readiness and professional development (CRPD) programs will enhance their skills and increase their employability. Due to the lack of quality career development in Myanmar over the past decades, CRPD will become one of a kind in the country, providing students and graduates with well-rounded knowledge and skills. Thinking from diversity and inclusion perspectives, we decide to deliver the program entirely online to provide an equal opportunity to all applicants across the country. 

To achieve the desired outcomes, the CRPD program will empower 600 students and graduates through three phases: (1) a 45-hour career development training conducted by internationally-educated instructors, (2) 24-hour career conversation events led by senior executives, and (3) an 11-hour long career and internship fair supported by American scholars and local recruiters. Our program structure and training topics are finalized after carefully considering the current challenges students and graduates face during the health and political crises. We believe that these activities will effectively address the shortage of qualified entry-level professionals in the job market in the next five years.

Program Objectives

The objectives of this program are to

  • prepare students and graduates to be competitive in the 21st-century workplace by improving the eight competencies of NACE through 45-hour career readiness training

  • assist students and graduates transition into employment by encouraging them to engage with senior executives for 24 hours in total at career conversation events

  • provide students and graduates with job and internship opportunities by introducing them to potential employers at the 11-hour-long multiday career expo and internship fair


To achieve these goals, the program will apply the best practices and other research-based strategies to develop an innovative and comprehensive career readiness curriculum and professional development model to serve the most vulnerable college students and new graduates who are severely impacted by the current civil war and economic downturns. Upon completing the program, the participants will have a set of basic skills they need for career development, an opportunity to engage with senior executives for career advice, and a chance to apply for a job or an internship.

About the Institution

The program is offered by the University of Taxila with keynote speakers from Northern Illinois University and Fort Hays State University. 

About the University of Taxila

Established in 2015 with a mission to provide high-quality personal development courses, Taxila Institute is one of its kind in the training service industry, offering non-degree programs in management and education disciplines. In a very short time, Taxila Institute has become a trusted partner of nearly 160 public universities and several departments of basic education (at the state level) and provided quality education to more than 16,000 university students, 7,500 faculty members, and 700 teachers. Taxila Institute has administered several educational projects in collaboration with the Myanmar Ministry of Education (MOE) and public universities all across Myanmar. To provide American-accredited bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs in Myanmar, Taxila Institute has been transitioned into the University of Taxila. In partnerships with several public universities in the U.S., the University of Taxila will provide face-to-face, online, and hybrid instructions for nearly 80 degrees accredited by relevant councils such as HLC, AACSB, ABET, and CAEP. In addition, the University of Taxila will also offer American-accredited courses for professional development.

Program Eligibility

Admission Requirements 

  • An application form

  • A scholarship essay

  • Proof of record for high school completion or international K-12 level completion

  • Between the ages of 18 and 28

  • A high school graduate or a university student or an entry-level professional

  • A desktop/laptop computer, stable internet connection, and reliable electricity

Program Requirements

  1. Successful completion of three components

    1.        Career Training (3 credits) - 45 hours

    2.        Career Talks - 24 hours

    3.        Career Fair - 11 hours

  2. Successful completion of any other requirements 

Program Awards

Upon completing the program requirements, students will receive three credits and earn a certificate and a transcript from the University of Taxila.

Program Fees

The followings are the fees for the CRPD program. 


Application Fee:                          50,000 MMK

Taxila Tuition Fee (3 credits): 2,325,000 MMK

Transcript Fee:                             25,000 MMK

Certificate Fee:                            25,000 MMK

Total:                                        2,425,000 MMK

Program Scholarships

The University of Taxila will award 600 full scholarships. Each full scholarship award is worth 2,425,000 MMK, including tuition and fee.

Program Acknowledgement

The University of Taxila acknowledge the general support of partner organizations and the knowledge contribution of Myanmar and American faculty and experts in this program. 

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