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Taxila Institute

Located in Mandalay, Myanmar, Taxila Institute is a place where thousands of students come for their personal and professional development. Collaborated with more than 90 public universities in Myanmar, Taxila has been empowering about 16,000 college students and 4,600 faculty members as of August 2020. The start of Taxila is simple when it was established as the Department of Youth Development under Youth Social Force Foundation in 2015. After almost five years, Taxila's young alumni are found in all walks of life around the world, attaining global and local achievements as outstanding scholars, founders, leaders, entrepreneurs, and more. Currently, Taxila is undoubtedly considered as the top institute in Myanmar which has the most extensive partnerships with Myanmar public universities

Parent Company

After Taxila was rebranded in late 2015, Taxila becomes a subsidiary of Hexagon Social

Enterprise Co.,Ltd., with the aim of promoting social entrepreneurship among Myanmar

youth. Hexagon's senior management is teamed up with innovative professionals to

achieve our social impacts and business strategies. 

Brand Philosophy

All senior high school students from Myanmar have learned that "Once upon a time, there were four youths studying under the famous professor Disaparmauk of Taxila" in their Grade 12 English textbook. Chapter 2 "Too much knowledge maketh fools" includes the story about Taxila. 

By some history authors, Taxila is often considered to be one of the earliest universities in the world but not in the modern sense. At that time, no external authorities such as kings or local leaders could control the scholastic activities of Taxila. Each professor founded his/her own institutions, teaches as many students as they like without conforming to any centralized syllabi. A study was finished when a professor was satisfied with the student's level of achievement. 

The name "Taxila" is actually from the ancient Asian history of education origin. Taxila (also named as Taksasila) is a UNESCO World Heritage site located in South-central Asia, Punjab of Pakistan. Taxila is dated and believed to be the city of the Achaemenid Empire in the 6th century BCE. Since that, Taxila has been assumed as an ancient center of learning around 5th or 6th BCE. Starting from the age of 16,  students such as princes and the riches, from all around the world came to Taxila for higher education. Taxila's main fields of studies were the Vedas (the ancient and the most revered Hindu scriptures), and the Eighteen Silpas or Arts (which included multi-disciplinary skills such as archery, hunting, elephant lore, administration, agriculture, astronomy, and etc). All professors at Taxila were the most accomplished scholars of their times and recognized as the authorities on their respective disciplines. 

With the above historic and ancient aim of empowering and educating students with multi-disciplinary focuses, our institute is named as "Taxila Institute of Youth Leadership and Development" to provide quality education for Myanmar students and youth.  

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