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ETHE For Educators

ETHE For Educators

The best alternative to quality education for thousands of students and educators who are staying at homes during the coronavirus pandemic


Educational Technology for Higher Education 



As thousands of students and educators are staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic, Taxila has introduced synchronized online training series using innovative blended-learning to better provide them with an alternative to quality education. One of these training series is the "Educational Technology for Higher Education" certificate course, which is specially designed for current educators at public universities and colleges in Myanmar. The details of the program are as follow. 

Course Sections

In this course, you will be placed in one of the three following sections

  • Section 1: 1 PM to 3 PM (Mon, Wed, and Fri) May 6 to May 25

  • Section 2: 1 PM to 4 PM (Sat and Sun) May 9 to May 24


In this course, the following applicants will be eligible to apply for

  • be a teacher from a private university or college, or be a freelance teacher, or be a faculty member or an administrative officer from a university or college in Myanmar

  • have reliable internet and a smartphone (having a laptop is a plus, but not necessary)


To apply for this course, please register here


As this course is to better provide you with an alternative to quality education while you are staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic, this course is provided free of charge.


However, you are expected to donate a minimum of 18,000 MMK (if you are a teacher working at a government university/college) or 75,000 MMK (if you are a teacher working at a private university/college or a freelance teacher) to the Taxila Faculty Development Project (TFDP), an innovative professional development project organized by the Taxila Institute and partnered by the Myanmar Ministry of Education. Information about the TFDP Project can be read here


An individual donation can be transferred to one of the following bank accounts at least two days before the starting date. Failure to transfer the donation can lead to the withdrawal of your application from the course. 

  • Account Name: U Ye Pyae Thu

  • KBZPay: 09-954937923

  • WavePay: 09-954937923

  • KBZ: 04330104301658401

  • AYA: 0174222010001943

  • MAB: 0500131050002861013

  • CB: 0041600100045632


If you have any questions regarding this course, please contact 09-250625411, or 09-421070337.

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