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Taxila faculty members are leaders and executives in the real world of business fields. They are

the key to motivate, inspire and train our future young leaders and to attain a unique tradition for which Taxila is known.

Our faculty members also focus on mentorship and consulting even while serving as some of the

executives in their fields. They have strong relationships and deep connections to their respective profession. They also bring real-world corporate experiences into the classes for bigger effectiveness.

As our faculty members are motivated trainers and executive leaders in many different business

profession with years of experiences, Taxila will advance the knowledge and education of our youth or students to develop better understanding and practices about business to impact the development of the country. Therefore, you will be building memories and knowledge that last a lifetime here at Taxila.

The academics careers at Taxila have the following pathway.

1. Senior Lecturers

2. Lecturers

3. Associate Lecturers

4. Assistant Lecturers

5. Visiting Lecturers

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