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Ye Pyae Thu
Nyi Min Thant
May Phyu Aye
Aye Pwint Phyu
Nyan Lynn Htet
Swun Yi Htet


Senior Management

Although Taxila Institute was officially founded in 2016, Taxila has

been organizing trainings and workshops under the name of Youth Social Force (Myanmar Charitable Youth Association).


Since the time of re-named again, Taxila becomes a subsidiary of 

Hexagon Social Enterprise Co.Ltd. Hexagon aims to promote the knowledge of social entrepreneurship for Myanmar Youth.

Hexagon Senior Management is teamed up with young and 

innovative professionalsto satisfy and meet our target level of social impact and business strategies.

U Ye Pyae Thu

Founder, President & CEO, Hexagon Social Enterprise Co.,Ltd.

Founder & Senior Lecturer, Taxila Institute

Consultant, Taxila Business Consultancy


Ye Pyae, Founder & Principal of Taxila Institute, is an outstanding

Social Entrepreneur, Scholar, Chairman & CEO, NGO Founder, Senior Lecturer for Leadership & Management, Motivational Speaker & Author. He is also the alumna of U.S. Department of State's Southeast Asia Youth Leadership Program 2013. 

Ye Pyae won multiple scholarships for his degree in Bachelor of

Business Administration Northern Illinois University (NIU), United States. He also holds Diploma in Social Entrepreneurship and Diploma in Community Leadership & Civic Engagement from NIU. He also holds many certificates in Program Solving, Operation Management, Business Strategies, Creativity and Innovation from University of Pennsylvania, University of California (Irvine), University of Virginia, Pennsylvania State University.

Ye Pyae is Founder & former CEO of Youth Social Force (Myanmar

Charitable Youth Association) with 4 branches & units (YSF Yangon, YSF Mandalay, YSF Int'l Network & YSF Extension).

Ye Pyae is also the Founder & CEO / Managing Director of

Hexagon Social Enterprise Co.,Ltd (parent company of Taxila Institute & Taxila Business Consultancy). He has many leadership and executive experiences for being Associate Director / Focal of Admin Committee of ASEAN Youth Forum 2016, Senior Executive of I.C.E - Youth Community Library and Center, Assistant Teacher of Mary Chapman School for the Deaf, and so on.

U Nyi Min Thant

Director &

Senior Vice-President of Government Relations

Hexagon Social Enterprise Co.,Ltd.


Nyi Min Thant, member of Board of Directors of Hexagon, holds

B.E. (Electrical Engineering) from Technological University - Mandalay, Myanmar. He also holds Diploma in Business Administration from Institute of Commercial Management, UK. He is also one of the Vice-Chairmen and Assistant Lecturer of Taxila. His main specilization of teaching is about Leadership.

Daw May Phyu Aye

Director &

Senior Vice-President of Strategic Marketing

Hexagon Social Enterprise Co.,Ltd.


May Phyu is one of the members of Board of Directors of

Hexagon and also Associate Lecturer of Taxila. May Phyu holds double BBA degrees; BBA in Marketing and BBA in Entrepreneurship from University of New Hampshire, United States. She is also Managing Director of Weint Sein Gold & Jewellery Shop, one of the biggest and leading jewellery businesses in Myanmar. May Phyu's specilized modules are The Arts of Public Speaking, Techniques for successful interviews and so on.

Daw Aye Pwint Phyu

Director &

Senior Vice-President of Operation Management

Hexagon Social Enterprise Co.,Ltd.


Aye Pwint, member of Board of Directors of Hexagon & Associate

Lecturer of Taxila, holds BBA (Operation Management) 17' with a minor in Information Technology from University of Massachusetts - Amherst, United States. Her main modules are Public Speaking, Techniques for successful interviews, self-motivation and confidence building and others.

U Nyan Lynn Htet

Vice-President of Office Administration

Hexagon Social Enterprise Co.,Ltd.

Nyan Lynn Htet joined Hexagon & Taxila since the founding time

and one of the most talented vice-presidents. His has a B.E. (Mechatronics Engineering) 19' from Yangon Technological University and Diploma in Business Administration from ICM, UK. He has many administration experiences in youth and student organisations. 

U Swun Yi Htet

Vice-President of Financial Accounting

Hexagon Social Enterprise Co.,Ltd.

Swun Yi, the Vice-President of Financial Accounting, joined

Hexagon since 2015. His has a B.E. (Information & Computer Engineering) 19' from Yangon Technological University and Diploma in Financial Accounting from ICM, UK.

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