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Bachelor's Degrees

Want to earn an Accredited Degree from an American Public University?

The University of Taxila is the only institution of higher education in Myanmar where students can study all four years in Myanmar and earn an internationally accredited degree from an American public university. Partnering with Fort Hays State University from Kansas, U.S., students at the University of Taxila will have several options to fully customized their learning experiences, whether studying all four years in Myanmar to reduce costs or having one or more years of study abroad in Hays, Kansas to have a better career opportunity. 

About University of Taxila

Established in 2015 with a mission to provide high-quality personal development courses, Taxila Institute is one of its kind in the training service industry, offering non-degree programs in management and education disciplines. In a very short time, Taxila Institute has become a trusted partner of nearly 160 public universities and several departments of basic education and provided quality education to more than 16,000 college students, 7,500 faculty members, and 1,600 K-12 teachers. 

To provide American-accredited academic programs in Myanmar, Taxila Institute has been transitioned into the University of Taxila. In partnership with the University of North Dakota and Fort Hays State University, the University of Taxila will provide face-to-face, online, and hybrid instructions for degrees and non-degree programs accredited by relevant councils such as HLC for general, AACSB for business, AABET for engineering, and computer science, and CAEP for education. 

About Fort Hays State University

Founded in 1902, Fort Hays State University (FHSU) is a regional comprehensive public university in Hays, Kansas. With its goal for unmatched affordability, FHSU offers quality and best-valued higher education to thousands of students from local, regional, and international. Being ranked in the top 15% among universities across the U.S. and 17th among the universities in the Midwest, FHSU provides American education with unbeatable tuition to Myanmar students. 

The University of Taxila (Taxila) has signed the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Fort Hays State University (FHSU) in mid-2022 to jointly deliver the American-accredited degree programs in Myanmar. FHSU offers affordable quality education to thousands of international students. Although FHSU and Taxila jointly deliver the degree programs, students will eventually receive a bachelor's degree from FHSU. To learn more about FHSU, please visit


Starting in Spring 2024, Fort Hays State University and the University of Taxila will jointly deliver courses for the following bachelor's degree programs. FHSU and Taxila will increase the degree programs' availability in the future. To read more about each degree program and the four-year sample curriculum, please click on each degree program below. 

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Management

  2. Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science

  3. Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) in Organizational Leadership


The University of Taxila practices selective admission to ensure students are committed to their studies and meet rigorous academic standards. The University of Taxila will award full and partial scholarships to help students cover their tuition expenses and become agents of change in their communities. The admission requirements include a high school completion certificate or an equivalent document, an English proficiency test score, a letter of recommendation, a bank statement, two essays, and an interview. To learn more about the detailed requirements, please click here


Since 2015, Taxila Institute, the predecessor of the University of Taxila, has awarded over $3.5 million worth of partial scholarships. To help students realize their college and career dreams, the University of Taxila will award full and partial scholarships to offset tuition expenses for outstanding students. All scholarships are renewable every year if students maintain academic excellence. To know more about each scholarship type, please click here

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